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Pekago invests in 1,500 tonne moulding unit

Goirle, Netherlands-based injection and structural foam moulding specialist Pekago Covering Technology has extended its production capabilities with the installation of a 1,500 tonne twin injection unit Engel moulding machine.
The machine, which is a recent refurbished unit, is designed for multi-functional production of conventional compact, structural foam or sandwich mouldings in commodity or engineering resins. Equipped with two injection units and full robotic part removal, it can deliver a total shot of up to 12.5kg and can accommodate moulds measure up to 2 by 2.5m.

The machine, which was installed in November and is now in full production, will be used for large parts such as covers for manufacturers of aerospace and medical equipment.

The 1,500 tonne Engel injection machine is the largest of 12 moulding machines operated by Pekago - previously the companys largest was a 750 tonne model. The company declined to give a value for the investment.

A spokesperson for the company, which was founded in 1983 and generates sales of around 5.5m a year, said it expected the new machine to enable it to win more business in the large part sector due to its ability to produce large parts at lower unit cost. It will also give Pekagos engineering team greater design flexibility.

Pekago is a division of Netherlands-based investment company VADO, which grew out of the former DAF car and truck maker Van Doorne Automobielfabrieken.

Other plastics industry firms within the VADO group include IGS Gebo Jagema, which combines the former Gebo Jagema precision machining business - part of VADO since 1990 - with the IGS High Tech medical mouldmaking operation acquired in 2009. 

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