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Colines demonstrates 50-layer film production

Italian film machinery maker Colines will demonstrate production of 2m wide 50-layer cast stretch film at its production facility at Novara next week.

The film production system, which is equipped with a flat die and layer multiplier system from US-based Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI), uses four extruders (two 80mm and two 140mm) and a 16-component gravimetric feed system.

The line, from Colines HandRollEx series, is claimed to run at an output rate of up to 1,800 kg/hr, equivalent to a linear speed of 1,000 m/min. Typical power consumption is around 0.42-0.44 kW/kg.

Film layer multipliers divide and reassemble the melt flow to create complex multi-layer structures. The technology is said to improve barrier and mechanical performance due to its ability to minimise the harmful effect of thin spots or pinholes in the finished web.

The line will be running at an Open House at the Colines factory at Novara until 4 February

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