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Superfos to goˇ°activeˇ± with IML

Danish-headquartered packaging group Superfos ¨C currently in the process of acquisition by UK-based RPC Group - is reported to be putting a new ˇ°activeˇ± thin wall injection moulding technology into production on an IML decorated 500ml dairy tub at its UK production unit at Runcorn.

The twin cavity mould is scheduled to be in production in the first quarter of this year and uses Active Flow Moulding (AFM) technology from UK-based GR8 Engineering. This incorporates a movable element in the cavity opposite the injection point that is pushed back during filling to widen the flow path, then driven forward again under gas pressure at the end of injection to completely fill the cavity.

The twin-cavity mould will run on a 420 tonne Netstal moulding machine producing a pot with a wall thickness of 0.35mm (including the 57 micron PP IML label) and weighing 12g ¨C around 1.5g less than a typical thermoformed equivalent. Cycle time is expected to be around 2.8s.

RPC Group, which hopes to complete its acquisition of Superfos next month, is also exploring ways to reduce the weight of injection moulded containers. It is understood to be using a small number of injection compression development moulds in production of thin wall containers within its UK operations.

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