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Hungarian mould maker to open new plant

A Hungarian mould maker is investing around €1.2m in a project to construct a new plant in the western Hungarian city of Zalaegerszeg.

Mould Tech, founded in 2001, has started work on the new 1,200m2 unit which will include a large production hall and office space which is due for completion in 2013. The firm intends to raise its current 31-strong workforce to 50 once the new facility is up and running.

Mould Tech is reported to be investing around €850,000 in the project from its own resources with additional funding from borrowing.

The company produces a range of moulds for plastic and rubber injection moulding, as well as tooling for cold moulding processing. It acts as a supplier primarily to moulders serving the automotive and electronics sectors.

In 2011, the mould maker achieved an annual turnover of around €1m.

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