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Braunform shows off mould developments

Braunform, the Bahlingen, Germany-based mould maker, exhibited a range of novel moulds at last month's Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen.

On the company's own stand it exhibited a 12-cavity injection mould for the production of PE bottlepack caps in a cleanroom ISO class seven environment. Consisting of a rubber disc and tear away cap, they are used for infusion bottles for medical applications.

On the stand of Dr. Boy, the Germany-based injection moulding machine maker, Braunform showed its 4+4 cavity injection mould for the production of the upper part (including seal) of an "Adapplicator" C a spraying vial form mucosal and topical application in human or veterinary medicine. The patented Braunform MED mould standard is designed for clean room production. The plastic part is moved from the mould by an integrated, movable scraper secured to the centre block.

Finally, at the stand of Windsor Technology, the Germany-based reseller of injection moulding machinery and parts, Braunform exhibited a 16-cavity mould producing thin-walled 20mm snap caps in a cycle time of less than nine seconds. The caps consisted of aluminium with a tear off PP cap for use in intravenous injection bottles.

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