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The mold industry is facing a test should be to enhance the core competitiveness

In related news, in the occasion of today in some countries the sovereign debt crisis, the global economic crunch is increasingly coming to our economy, our government, the manufacturing industries are organizing response to the mold industry will also be subject to the test in the first half of 2011 reflected in the results reflects the renewed growth of the previous year, the second half of 2011, the mold industry, particularly in the mold of export enterprises, the overall lack of orders, mold corporate profits decline; considerable time in the future industry-wide efforts to promote the internationalization of the mold companies process, and further support the production and development of high-tech high value-added products, should also be appropriate to limit the development of high energy consumption and high pollution products, more reasonable to use the limited resources of green manufacturing, high-end manufacturing up to the sustainable development of . In the export product structure adjustment, and actively promote the export of high value-added high-tech products.

Order to enhance the core competitiveness of the mold companies, mold expert Luo Baihui, the industry should focus on doing to strengthen information management system, cost control system and upgrade the resources to control the capacity, technology development capability, the core competitiveness of the work. Chinas mold industry should do the following:

Market development: it is necessary to give full play to the technical and cost advantages of Chinas enterprises to make their products faster, more to the world, walk the road of diversified market, efforts to develop new markets; to pay attention to the extension of industrial chain, to mold as the core, reasonable development to the surrounding and downstream industries; give full play to the local "leading" business advantage, strengthen cooperation and jointly with the type of enterprise, Baotuan "winter" and so on.

In technological progress: the enterprise must consciously adjust the structure to enhance the product level up the value chain to high-end development; at the same time Lianhaoneigong to enhance the soft power and competitiveness. In this area is very rich in content, such as the use of high-tech innovation and development; strengthen research and development, improve the technical reserves; to strengthen personnel training, and do a good job in human resources reserves; strengthen the work of standardization and quality assurance system; further toward the direction of professionalization business so special fine to do special and stronger and so on.

Management: To do a good job of cost control, master cash flow; to cut costs, energy conservation, to establish a rational evaluation system, mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff; to do to optimize the customer base, to optimize the design and technology, optimize the investment projects aspects of the work and assets, etc.; do a good job in the enterprise information management in construction; should also establish an advanced corporate culture, improve labor relations.

Investment: it is necessary to the prudent investment and prevent capital strand breaks, but also to seize the opportunity and willing to invest, improve the ability of development to high-end reserves. The strength of the enterprises can implement the joint, mergers and measures to give full play to the role of the social stock of assets.

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