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The molding time of injection mold a consolidated consideration

Injection mold, also known as injection molds, forming principle is admitted to the plastic from the hopper of the injection molding machine heated barrel, after heating and melting was the flow state, under the impetus of the plunger and screw, the molten plastic is compressed and move forwardclosed injection mold cavity temperature is lower at a faster rate, and then be injected through the nozzle in front of the barrel into the cavity of molten material in the case of compression by cooling after curing to maintain the injection mold cavityconferred by the shape, and then the mold type molding for plastic parts. A cycle of the production process so that the operation is complete. Typically, a molding cycle from a few seconds to several minutes ranging from the length of time depends on the size, shape and thickness of plastic parts, injection mold structure, the type of injection molding machine and plastic variety and processing conditions and other factors.

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