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The principle of the selection of the stamping process combinations

When the combination of the confirmation process necessary in mass production, whether using composite stamping for stamping according to workpiece size, precision stamping, molding conditions and production security. Therefore, the selection principles should consider the following aspects:

(A) the size of the workpiece and the material thickness

(1) continuous stamping process can be processed Dimensions of less than 300mm, the thickness of 0.2 to 6 mm between the workpiece, the workpiece greater will give the punching processing and stamping die manufacturing with m difficulty. In general, continuous stretch pressure process is more suitable for processing Dimension of not more than 50mm the mouth of the small workpiece.

(2) composite stamping process requirements for stamping on the size of the workpiece shape is strict, but can only be processed Maximum dimensions about 1000 mm, workpiece thickness between 0. 05 ~ 3 mm, sheet thickness will affect the stamping die life.

(3) on the workpiece hole spacing or pitch from the edge of a very, shall make pots for stamping rather than composite stamping, stamping die of sufficient strength.

(4) size too small stamping pieces, when the need to multi-channel stamping process processing but not on l The ~ 2 sets of composite mold to complete all the stamping process, should try to adopt a continuous stamping, in order to avoid the compound die stamping to send material, pickup inconvenient to ensure the safe production.

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