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How to determine the number of injection mould cavity

A. Plastic pieces of dimensional accuracy

Number of injection moulds need to speak up more for a long time, the accuracy will decline relative one, two ultra-precision injection moulded parts, only one mode of a cavity, when the size of the number came from, one-mode two-cavity three, four precision injection moulded parts. up to one-mode four-chamber.

(2) injection mould manufacturing costs

Multi-cavity mould manufacturing costs higher than the single cavity mould, but not a simple multiple of, the share of the cost of plastic parts mould fee proportion of multi-cavity mould than the single cavity mould is lower.

(3) injection moulding production efficiency

Multi-cavity mould from the surface, is more effective than the single cavity mould the economy, but the multi-cavity mould injection machine used for each injection cycle is long and high maintenance costs, from the most economical conditions, consider the injection mould number of cavities.

(4) the difficulty of making

The difficulty of making multi-cavity mould, single cavity mould, a cavity damaged, it must be down for maintenance, thereby affecting production.

The above points, the number of injection mould cavity considering the lower the overall cost of the program to a more appropriate design and production company is the research, design, manufacturing, production of injection moulds, electronic plastic shell processing in one of the private enterprise The Jinhe plastic Industry injection mould products, plastic moulds, plastic shell of the instrumentation, electronics plastic housing, plastic coating products are widely applied to electronic electrician, network media, post and telecommunications, living more than 20.

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