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Five differences suggest that the gap between China`s mold and the international advanced level

Die casting mold industry in China gradually started to grow and develop, the die casting mold industry development is in a period of a bottleneck, although China is now the die casting mold industry has been greatly developed, but the present, China`s overall national economic development speed in terms of its development is still slow feet.

Raw material problem. Subject to limit the price of domestic mold is to use more and for precision heat treatment abroad using special mold material, its mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and polishing brightness was significantly better than the domestic materials. Fundamentally affect the appearance of quality and service life of the domestic mold.

The level of manufacturing process. Domestic mold manufacturers, uneven process conditions differ greatly. Many manufacturers because the equipment is not supporting a lot of work to rely on manually completed, a serious impact on the accuracy and quality.

Mold design system. Although some domestic manufacturers also use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology, but still remain in the introduction, digestion and absorption stage, it is difficult to form a mature theoretical guidance and design system. Therefore, the specification mold design software system development is a priority.Debugging level. Mold on its very nature, belong to tooling, to produce qualified products is the ultimate goal. Therefore, the quality of the mold, the performance depends on the results of the tryout test. Domestic mold factory due to the short delivery time, equipment limitations of the test mode, often the quality inspection work on the user at the tryout, easy to the user to cause a lot of losses and waste. By time, space restrictions and because the repair mode is often difficult to debug the best condition. And abroad a number of developing a good business has its own premises and equipment of the tryout, the tryout can simulate the user`s working conditions, they are able to achieve good results in the shortest possible time frame.

Matching system. Mold manufacturing enterprises in China accustomed to bury ourselves in the production of scientific research, while ignoring the other equipment suppliers, raw materials suppliers. Virtually allows the user to take a lot of detours. We mold recruitment network in China mold factory and other manufacturers and major research institutes work together for the user to create the best products, and create greater profits, there is hope for their own to create a broad space for development.

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