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Changan mold manufacturing scale of 18 billion the Hengli mold 46 billion, followed by

In the morning of June 6th, 7th Dongguan (Chang An) International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition in Chang`an Town, three professional market opening. 420 domestic and foreign well-known exhibitors, 558 booths to show higher level on the scale. Xu, Vice Minister of Municipal United Front Work Department, to keep dry, and a member of the City by the letter of the Party Group, the discipline inspection team leader Liu Jintang and town committee members, Zhang Chong attended the opening ceremony.

Zhang Chong on behalf of the town committee and town government welcomed the leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, and friends to visit this exhibition. He said that in recent years, the town committee, the town government vigorously promote industrial restructuring and the transformation and upgrading, to encourage technological upgrading of enterprises, digital production and design efforts to lengthen the mold industry chain, greatly enhance the regional brands of hardware and mold industry in Chang`an. The end of 2011, the town a total of more than 1,000 enterprises engaged in production, sales and services of the metal mold industry, individual businesses and more than 6800 households, employing 16 million people, annual turnover of 18 billion yuan, accounting for 31 of the town industrial output value hope that the exhibition can be done highly effective, active trading, social and economic benefits to both an exhibition brand to promote the "Changan mold manufacturing to Chang`an mold to create".

Municipal United Front Work Department Vice Minister Xu Shou dry announce the opening of the exhibition, the participating leaders cut the ribbon together for the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition co-sponsored by the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, Mould Industry Association of Guangdong Province, Dongguan City Hardware Machinery Mould Industry Association and Guangdong the Lianguan Group, and Lianguan Evergreen International metal mold Square, poly and international mechanical metal molds City, Changan Trade City metal mold Square three professional market opening at the same time, established brands especially the loaded area, machine tools and equipment exhibition, molds and accessories exhibition eight galleries, the exhibition area of ​​over 20,000 m2, set up 558 booths Among them, special booth 15. Compared with last year, this exhibition also Wenling, Zhejiang exhibition and Hengli Town Pavilion, a total of 420 exhibitors. (Different from the past in other emerging mold city of Dongguan, local, Hengli Town tour grand to participate in the exhibition. Emerging mold city Hengli, has just won the Guangdong Province, mold making the title of the professional town in 2011, Heng Li Town, mold industrial output value reached 4.6 billion yuan, accounting for 36.5 percent of the gross industrial production in 2008, the town received the title of "Guangdong Province mold manufacturing town" 2009 was elected the first city, Dongguan City, focused on supporting the development of industrial clusters , "2010 Hengli mold professional town technological innovation platform "successful project, to obtain the title of" China (Dongguan hengli) mold manufacturing town "in June 2011." At present, the town engaged in mold-related industrial business enterprises amounted to more than 650, on the size of the mold and mold machinery enterprises from more than 10 to more than 70 billion enterprise output value Zhongxin, Thailand, days Cho, Xin products, PCG, wealthy and so on. "According to the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui, the Hengli mold industrial park planning a total area of ​​1000 acres, divided into seven district development and construction. The eight member companies of the Southern stamping die Union contract has been settled in the park, of which four companies have put into operation. Huiying Mould City Planning 300 acres of land, one, two works have been completed and put into use, and built a total of 555 shops, in addition to the completion of one of more than 10,000 square meters large showroom.

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