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China`s mold industry to the high-end development of differentiated

Recently, the 7th China Changan mold exhibition ended, the high-end manufacturing and innovation are the focus of this session of the International Mould Exhibition display and exchange. The mold developed countries and regions in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, with all to the latest products and technologies, they see Chinas mold industry is undoubtedly the high-end market.

According to the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui, China has the worlds mold-producing countries, 2011 mold the total sales of 124 billion yuan, an increase of 10.7%, ranking the worlds top three. Chinas mold industry can produce industry required for almost all types of mold, some mold design and manufacturing standards have entered the international advanced level. 2011 of Die imports and exports totaled $ 5.24 billion, a 23.06% growth over 2010. Molds total exports exceeded $ 3 billion, exceeding the total imports of $ 1,000,000,000, an increase of 36.87%. But China is not the worlds mold production of power, part of the mold companies in China have a more advanced manufacturing technology, but the mold of Chinas exports are mostly middle and low plastic molds and stamping dies, mold in addition to some developing countries do not yet have the production capacity most industrial countries are no longer in production due to cost reasons. Chinas imports of mold are mainly in Europe, Japan, the United States the production of complex, precision, long-life mold. He believes that the overall technical level of Chinas mold industry with these countries in the design manufacture and application of information technology, there are still 10 years behind.

Luo Baihui analysts believe that the manufacturing capability of Chinas machinery, automobile, electronics, electrical appliances and other products are ranked in the world, these manufacturing enterprises in order to increase market competitiveness, it will mold production process of high quality, low price fast delivery of the new requirements. Same time, new energy, medical devices, aerospace, energy saving, development of emerging industries is becoming the mold industry important new point of growth, which requires a corresponding mold design and manufacturing technology and information application level should be further improved.

At the same time, China has enacted the 12th Five-mold industry development plan and the transformation and upgrading program, which is even more to stimulate the mold enterprise technological transformation and equipment renewal. The data show that the first five months of this year, China mold enterprise strong momentum of investment and technological innovation, many mold companies to adapt to new situations are constantly trying to produce high-performance mold. Optimizing the mold technology, procurement of high-performance CNC machine tools and precision measuring equipment, and efforts to create new financing channels, and is gradually becoming the new trend of the mold companies to accelerate progress.

Held in the same period Strait mold industry participants in the Forum experts said, the future, Chinas mold technology will continue to standardization, automation, specialization, refinement, development of information-oriented mold industry will be highlighted to the development of high-end, differentiated direction.

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